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I've been thinking about things for quite a long while.

Xfinity Connectivity


This is not satire. One could only hope that some competition for broadband existed at this zipcode! (We had good service from Vivint for 6 years, before they left the neighborhood in May)

Xfinity Assistant


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Go for it, but after dozens of calls, and 5 technicians, I would think Xfinity would want to solve the problem.

OK, I can put you in touch with an agent.Chat with an agent

Chat with an agent

Got it. I'll put you in touch with a live agent now.

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Hello, thank you for contacting Xfinity Support. My name is Amy. Who do I have the pleasure of assisting today?

Duane McGuire, upset customer. 1077 N 1285 W, Clinton, UTAH

We have had unreliable service for the entire duration of our account.

Downtime today has been 1 hour and 10 minutes. Ridiculous!

Good evening.

5 technicians have been out. Still isn't fixed. WHAT NEXT?

I am so sorry that you are experiencing internet issues with your internet connection. This is definitely not the experience we want for you. Let us go ahead and work further to resolve this

Thank you so much for the details


BTW, it is up now, and you won't find a problem with the connection.

Thank you for the info

Please give me 2-3 minutes to run check on your account and device.

Also the notes in the account about the issue

That was done a few minutes ago, until the agent went away.

I see. I will check it for me to verify the status and also check the notes

Please give me 2-3 minutes


Thank you

While waiting, I wanted to share this since it is part of your XFINITY internet package. You can also connect to XFINITY WIFI public hotspot on the go for FREE. Just use your wifi capable devices and once you see XFINITYWIFI name connect to it using your XFINITY user name and password online. You can download the Xfinity app to check for hotspot location

Thank you so much for waiting


I thoroughly checked everything in the account and there is no issues detected. There is also no reported internet outage in the area. When the internet goes out, does the modem light went off as well?

Not always, no. But if the modem is restarted it will be out once restarted.

When you mentioned restarted, did you physically unplug and plug in the power cord or did it restart itself?

unplug replug

I see. How are you connected to the internet? Is it thru wifi or hardwired connection using ethernet cord? We wanted to isolate the issue and determine what really causes this.

O, My Goodness. From a server in texas I ping this modem every minute. 70 pings have failed today. While the pings are failing, NO device on the network has internet access. Surely you people keep notes. We have been through this SO MANY TIMES!

I am so sorry that you have to go through all these things. Here is what we can do:


Since you are experiencing issue for several times and also have several technicians came out, I will submit report about this so our higher team will know and further investigate on the issue for complete resolution. Also, if it is fine with you, I can send another technician and this time, I will request for a supervisor tech. Will that be fine?

That might help.


Please give me 2-3 minutes to complete the report and then will wait for the soonest available technician


Also, we will process credit adjustments for the service interruptions


You are welcome. I know where you are coming from. It is really essential to have stable and working internet nowadays specially working at home

I am still working on the account. Please bear with me

OK The account does have some history!

Yes. I was able to check the account notesI'm here again.

I'm back, on my phone hotspot. Connection failed for a bit.

Thank you so much for waiting

Oh! I am so sorry about that. I was able to get available technician

We available technician on 09/02/2020, 09:00 AM-11:00 AM MDT

Will this work for you or what is your preferred time?

I'll be here. Thanks.


Is this your best call back number (801) 896-xxxx?

Since techs have questioned the modem, It might be worthwhile for the tech to bring an Xfinity modem. If no other solution appears.

Yes 801-896-xxxx

Sure. I will definitely put that in the notes as well for the dispatched team reference and making sure they will review more/further investigate your issue prior to the visit


You are welcome.

The appointment was successfully set up and I already include requesting for supervisor technician. Here is your reference number CR923400286


Also, I have submitted a report about your complaint and I am sure our higher team will further investigate prior to the appointment time and date.

I am now working on the credit adjustments

Thank you for waiting

A total of $20 credit adjustments was processed in the account

This will reflect on your next billing statement


Anytime :) I know that the credit will not excuse the issue that you experienced, however I hope that it will serve as an assurance that you are a valued customer and that we are committed to improving your experience with Comcast.

It has been my pleasure to assist you and thank you for sharing me your valued time.

I'm here hoping for success.

I completely understand. I already put all the needed info and for the report as well. I am sure this will be fully resolve this time

I want to make sure that we cover everything before we end this chat. Is there any other Xfinity concerns and issues that I might help you today?

Thanks for your attention and for scheduling enhanced service.

I think we are done until Wednesday. Thanks for your attention and for scheduling enhanced service.

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