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Blog v. 2020

Welcome to Duane McGuire Blog Version 2020. If you've been here before, it looks a little different, doesn't it? I enjoy sharing my thoughts, activities and projects here. Thanks for visiting.


In redeveloping the blog, the prime objective was to make it more secure and problem-free. I also wanted to give it more visual appeal with a very simple layout. You'll also find that I've implemented a simple and friendly comment system.


The first posts of this blog were made in 2004. Ironically, that's also the year Facebook was founded! I cannot remember what technology I used for the first implementations of the blog, eventually I migrated to the dominant Wordpress blogging platform. I've loved to hate Wordpress for many years, and today I'm glad to be done with it. A few months ago, my webserver was hacked. Fixing it was ugly business, and caused me to want to finally abandon the Wordpress platform.

This year I've posted more content on the blog than in the past few years. In part, I started to write more here to distance myself from Facebook. I no longer want to be a contributor to that commercial publishing platform. When the World Wide Web was launched, we were all given the opportunity to self-publish. That opportunity has not gone away, and I prefer to be in that zone.

Technology for Version 2020

My desire for new technology has led me was to "serverless" hosting of static pages. Using this modern implementation of basic tech makes the blog basically bullet-proof. The technology stack for the blog today is:

Implementing this technology has stretched my brain, and I've enjoyed the intellectual challenge. I received good encouragement and assistance from my son, Ryan. Without his help, I couldn't have arrived here. It was good to work with and learn from him!

My work: McGuire Piano

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