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Year: 2021

Working in the Second Quadrant
Found a round-to-it. Moved into the 2nd quadrant.
Reading Stephen King: A Memoir
Stephen King speaks to me!
Amateur Machinist: Tuning Lever Extension
Making a useful tool improvement for piano stringing with new machinist skills
Antelope Island Jazz
Ed Lueders, jazz and Antelope Island!
Efficient Use of 20 square feet
Finally. A bathroom for the main floor.
The Grandpa, The Piano, and The Goat
Of my numerous piano tuning stories, this one is always a favorite. That is, of course, because ...
Landscaping Spring 2021
Spring project: garden landscape
Garden Railroad Spring 2021
Spring has sprung, and it's time to get working on the railroad!
A new Sawstop tablesaw for the workshop
Celebrating my 69th birthday a bit early, I acquired a new Sawstop tablesaw. The Sawstop is known ...

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