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Year: 2018

Non-Athletic Exercise
I am not an athlete! Never have been. Never will be. Of course at age 66 the transformation is ...
Swimming Lessons, Then and Now
Sometime around 1958, I was introduced to swimming lessons. I'm sure some kids complained about ...
The Art of the Trip
Art of the trip - Friday 9/21/2018 at Twin Falls, Idaho. Well this was unexpected. We were ...
Lan Su Chinese Garden, Fall 2018
Art of the trip - Tuesday 9/18/2018 at Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland
Old Friends, New Times
A nice day to share with "old friends" on Whidbey Island, WA
Joseph Branch Rail Riders
Oh yeah, we still know how to have fun.
A piano shop workbench
My bargain shopping wife found a large "workbench" -- a collection of solid cabinets mounted on an ...
Electrified Thoughts
Recently, my friend Terry Greene posted this evocative photo work on Facebook.   This piece ...
It is spring. Daffodils should be here.  But I am waiting and watching, as my daffodils are moving ...
The shop was right next door to Orville Ekman's shoe repair shop. It was somewhat smaller than ...
Awkward Senior Moment Averted
My doctor encouraged me to join a gym.  Our discussion about my  fitness revealed that I bicycle ...

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