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McGuire-Henkel-Dunbar Railroad


Under Construction!

I've got skin in the game now!

Good work starts with a good foundation. So here we go.

Last year I decided it was time, if ever, for me to start building a garden railroad in the backyard. With "retirement", my love of railroads, and Terri's love of gardening and crafts, it seemed like the thing to do.

The commitment actually started last year when I bought a G-scale locomotive on eBay -- no track, but I got the locomotive -- which has just been a reminder of the commitment in our living room.

Cleverly photographed against a natural background, this looks like the real thing. It is G-scale (1:22.5).

I became doubly committed this week when I went to Lowes and got the first pallet load of concrete retaining wall blocks. For this building project our initial layout will be in the backyard in a raised area approximately 12 feet by 24 feet. For me, it just needs to be a raised area, because my knees are 68 years old already, and I expect to continue with building and maintaining for years to come.

I didn't calculate the weight of a pallet load of 6 X 16 retaining wall blocks before going to Lowes. At 3200 pounds, I have to admit it overloaded the Dodge Ram, but for a careful 1 mile transport it seemed OK. After moving the 3200 pounds to the backyard, it still seemed OK. I described the operation as "surprisingly pleasureful." Once again, I'm practicing the skills and work of my youth, and I'm pleased that I can do it.

In our travels, we've seen some impressive garden railroads in public gardens. The most impressive resides in Lauritzen Gardens at Omaha, Nebraska. Here's a view of that railroad:

Toot! Toot! Stay tuned.

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