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Travel in a new way


In late May we ventured out with our new little Hiker trailer. It was a new, fun, and successful adventure featuring:

  • Terri as camp chef extraordinaire
  • Duane as driver and rustler
  • Bebop and Jazzy as friendly, interested, and adaptable companions

Our travel took us from Utah to Washington, with camping along the way and stops in Raymond, Aberdeen, and Seattle.
For the next trip, I promise to take more pictures of people than of dogs!

Truckin across Idaho.
First camp at KOA Boise. All having a good time.
Awaiting gourmet dining at Deschutes River State Recreation Area in Oregon.
Wondering how we get along with 2 dogs in that little trailer? This was the reality. For the next trip, I think the dogs will have a little bunk bed above our feet.
Camp set up on our lot next to the McGuire Family home in Raymond, Washington.
Most of the group at Raymond for Memorial Day weekend
Westport, Washington. No trip to Western Washington is complete without a trip to the beach. This one was eventful. Ask me how I know!
While visiting in Seattle at Ryan and Kellie's place, Jazzy was wondering about learning to swim, but did avoid it this time.
On the way home we stayed at Lewis and Clark Trail State Park near Walla Walla, Washington. This park was built in the decades before folks were trying to see how many campsites could be crammed into the available acreage. It was very pleasant except for the cotton seed from trees flying all about.
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